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expanding focus is an XR Production House and Games Studio. With our focus on interactive storytelling and experience design, we develop the right worlds for every application at the highest technical and aesthetic level.

We understand digital interaction spaces as learning opportunities and tools in which we get a closer understanding of the world and ourselves.



Anna Bubbles Alex doing Concepts
Violeta drawing on a drawing device.

We love good and cutting edge ideas. And we are specialized in turning them into great concepts. With tools like design thinking, hackathons, rapid prototyping and our experience in the digital realm we are able to turn good ideas into great concepts in a reasonable amount of time. Our team of creative producers, technologists, concept artists and game designers are supported by a vast international network where we always find the right people for the right task. 

Our founder and head of development has been teaching and mentoring concept development for the digital space in many different contexts all over the world – at filmschools, incubators and international conferences. Since the foundation of expanding focus he has been using these skills mainly for our own productions and for our partners.


Bubbles working on a digital model.
Image showing a productiontree on a screen.

The leap into the virtual world is always a challenge. Because every idea, every concept and every project has a different core. Finding this and doing justice to it is our passion.

So we always look for an individual, artistic and interactive language for each respective implementation.

As an XR Production House we combine conception, production and distribution of Extended Reality (XR) applications, games and cinematic VR content. All under one roof.
We can build on a wealth of experience in interdisciplinary content development. This broad wealth of experience gives us the expertise to optimally match content and form. Our goal is always to create experiences that amaze the user.
We work with partners such as the Goethe Institute, the Auswertigen Amt, the Hessischer Rundfunk, the Fraunhofer IAO, the City of Leipzig…
It is crucial to find and develop the right storytelling, game design, experience design and look for the respective topic. For the implementation we can rely on a large expert network of digital artists, software developers, authors, directors and distribution partners.

  • Content development, concept development, game design
  • Financing of projects
  • Production and implementation of digital assets and program code
  • Development of Distribution strategies
  • Distribution through a broad network of partners


Viviana playing a VR game with headset on.
A person holding a tablet showing different charts, a second person in the background is wearing a VR-headset.

We see a key component of the connected future in the integration of XR apps into existing software environments that combine systems and ideas to generate new information and, in doing so, open the door to new visions.

An application is always part of an ecosystem and must be open for data exchange with other applications. This is also true for XR apps. The integration of different media and the interaction with other systems creates a complexity that opens up many possibilities.

We integrate XR apps into existing software environments to provide seamless data exchange.

User Experience Design

A table with differnt mockups.
Mockups hover as digital copies over the analog paper mockups.

To make the arrival and immersion in a virtual experience a success, it is necessary to appeal to all senses. The key is brilliance on all levels: in image, sound and interaction.

User Experience (UX) Design ensures how well the immersion, i.e. the closeness to reality of the virtual world, unfolds its effect. Good UX design is an interplay of aesthetic appearance, intuitive handling, as well as fascinating stories with brilliant soundscapes and compositions.

Through our long experience, in the field of documentary, fictional up to games, we have dealt with very different demands of design. Through the different challenges of our projects and our user-centered work, we have developed a toolset that quickly and creatively finds the right UX design for any application.

object visualization

Setup showing a white-box with an object and a camera.
A digital copy of a wooden bust.

We develop the right shapes for each immersive experience. These can be real objects or fantasy entities.
Both can also exist simultaneously in one world – XR makes it possible.

We create individual 3D models for digital worlds. The template for this can be very different: a drawn design, CAD data, photos, a real object or living creature. We work with 3D modeling, photogrammetry, motion capturing and scans.

The result is a very high quality 3D visualization, optimized for the specific application. Once created, the object can be changed in materiality, color and light. After that, different versions of an object can be produced, without much effort.

We create individual 3D models for digital worlds. The template for this can be very different: a drawn design, CAD data, photos, a real object or living creature. We work with 3D modeling, photogrammetry, motion capturing and scans.

Partners & Funders

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